About us

The idea for opening Pathfinder Tourist Agency comes from the desire for gathering a team of people with the interest for travelling, history, culture, languages and diversity, eager to share their knowledge and experience with others.

We have managed to organize a team of young, educated experts with enthusiasm and passion for their job! This ensures that our clients are having an amazing experience and informative stay in our home city and country.

Members of our team come from different branches of education and they are all licensed guides. By having history teachers, linguists, economy majors and other occupations in our team makes it the perfect combination. This means we fulfill each other to make synergy, which in turn makes us stronger, complete, and more capable to give you best experience with us.

Our mission is not only to show beauties of our city and country but also make sure that you take home piece of our country’s traditions, culture and history. We are passionate about sustainable tourism and ensuring that we support our community and the environment by partnering with local businesses and people. So why not try a trip with Pathfinder, and see the difference for yourself.

We hope you enjoy your day with Pathfinder and have an unforgettable stay in Zagreb and Croatia.

CEO and founder of pathfinder
Goran Sostaric

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